A downloadable game for Windows

A vehicle physics game with unusual propulsion mechanics.

Take the controls of a backhoe

and a rather peculiar backhoe, at that! with no steering wheel, brakes or transmission, you'll have to learn to use the articulated arms to propel yourself to the end of the level.

Note: this is not an easy game; someone has called it "Get Over It on wheels", and while we don't think it is THAT hard, it does require skill and coordination from the very beginning. You've been warned.

Prototype version

BH Trials is currently in a playable prototype state, free for everyone, and we are actively looking for your feedback.

The prototype consists on a single game mode, "King of the hill". Learn how to operate the vehicle and negotiate of all sorts of obstacles before you reach the goal!


Play BH Trials with either a gamepad or keyboard.

Controls layout

We want to hear from you

Your feedback is very important for us. Please let us know what do you think about the game.

You can do it by participating in the comunity forum just below. You can also send us your comments by twitter @bhtrials


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